Maybe you consider yourself a trailblazer, eschewing the mainstream for paths of your own making. Or maybe you prefer to hang back and calculate, gather data and analytics from the mistakes and successes of others in order to make the best choice possible. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, ready to take a risk when necessary but eager to be as informed as possible.

In any case, these kitchen trends will help you with your kitchen remodeling project. Take inspiration, draw on tribe wisdom, or just scribble some notes based on what resonates with you. We’re confident there’s something for everyone in these 2020 kitchen remodeling trends.

Broken-Plan Living
These first trends come out of the same school of thinking, the school of open-plan living. The idea behind broken-plan living is to open your kitchen up to the life and energy of your other living spaces. Something to remember is that you still need to create the feel of nooks, corners, stations, and curated spaces within your open-plan design. An experienced kitchen remodeling expert will help you choose plants, shelves, cabinets, and countertops to designate how the space should be organized.

Conceal for Simplicity and Beauty
The first thing most people think about is concealed storage — roll-out drawers and cabinets provide pantry space that’s tucked away, etc. But this trend goes even deeper with new technology and design available to help you conceal the working elements of your kitchen that you don’t want out in the open.

Kitchen Island AND Dinner Table
Maybe you’ve seen this before, but now there are more options than ever before if you want to make your kitchen island work overtime. These so-called ‘dining islands’ are great for entertaining, or for busy and energetic families who want to keep conversation and food a central part of their home.

What About Those Natural Finishes?
Yes, these are still a thing and once again the availability of high-quality options has only increased. Wood and granite can be left exposed or unfinished, and sometimes even just choosing a drawer or kitchen fixture with a ‘natural’ finish can create the perfect contrast to the rest of your kitchen design — definitely something to keep in mind during your next remodel.

Signature Sink Faucets / Taps
Exactly what it sounds like — consider installing a kitchen faucet/tap that not only performs one of the most essential tasks in your kitchen but also does so with elegance, efficiency, and beauty.

Appliances Built-In to Your Kitchen
This trend only continues to rise. Once associated with old-fashioned design sensibilities, these built-in appliances provide convenience and a sleek, pared-down aesthetic that many kitchen remodelers are finding to be the perfect solution to tricky design problems. Makers of appliances are now catching up with the trend. Check out oven-microwaves, bread makers, and more!

Kitchens Designed for the Young and Old
As more people are living longer and more families are sharing resources, kitchen remodelers are catching up. It’s now common to design seating, storage, and prep areas for both young and old generations — a beautiful way to mature in your space, or to make family and loved ones feel at home.