Focusing on the Why

At FA Design Build we focus on the Why. The Why defines your life and the place you call home. Our approach to understanding the Why turns the traditional remodeling approach upside down. Before measuring for cabinets, selecting a countertop, or choosing a floor, we focus on you and how you feel about remodeling. We understand those feelings range from excitement to apprehension. By working together, we take the guesswork out of the process and provide a seamless remodeling experience — from inspiration through installation.

Rather than providing quick and incomplete estimates, FA Design Build utilizes the Design Services Process. You make a nominal financial commitment that allows our team to delve into your remodeling project in depth. With mutual commitment, we work together to develop a full scope of work and capture all associated costs. Nearly 100% of clients who work with us through the process choose to move forward with FA Design Build for their renovations. To get started, stop by our Design Center, give us a call, or drop us an email. We look forward to meeting you!

Design Services: Step by Step

Step 1

Information Gathering

Getting to know one another.

  • Who is FA Design Build? Who is the client and what are their needs?
  • Is the client’s project a good match for FA Design Build’s core capabilities?
  • Determine the scope of work, feasibility, investment range, and initial design ideas.
  • Discuss the Design Services Process and Retainer.
  • Schedule Site Evaluation and set expectations for next steps.

Step 2

Site Evaluation

Seeing the place you call home.

  • Designer visits client’s home to assess feasibility, initial design ideas, and existing conditions.
  • Set up 1st Design Meeting at the showroom.
  • Sign Design Services Retainer and collect payment.

Tier 1: Powder Rooms, Hall Bathrooms, Small Interior Remodels
Tier 2: Master Bathrooms, Kitchens
Tier 3: Major Remodels of Kitchen & Bathrooms, Whole House Remodels, Basements

Step 3

Design Meeting

Getting the fun started.

  • Designer and client develop preliminary plans, design scheme, and selections. Subsequent design and selection meetings will be scheduled as needed.
  • Designer prepares scope of work, plans, and design concept for Site Assessment.
  • Schedule Site Assessment at client’s home.

Step 4

Site Assessment

Keeping it real.

  • Designer, production team, and tradesmen meet at client’s home to review scope of work, plans, and design concept.
  • Assess existing site. Determine feasibility of proposed design and plans.

Step 5

Remodeling Contract Preparation

Hammering out the details.

  • Designer finalizes plans, design, and selections (with client as needed) and associated pricing.
  • Designer, production team, and tradesmen estimate a full, itemized scope of work.

Step 6

Team Review

Checking it twice.

  • The design and production teams meet to review the scope of work, design, and contract before client presentation.
  • Schedule client presentation to review Remodeling Contract with client.

Step 7

Remodeling Contract Presentation

Starting the transformation.

  • Meet the client in the showroom or at their home to review scope of work, design, and remodeling contract. The Design Services Retainer will be credited toward the Remodeling Contract. (If the client does not proceed with the Remodeling Contract, the Retainer is considered payment for Design Services.)
  • Upon contract approval and down payment, the client and the team discuss a potential start date for the renovation.

Untraditional Process