As we move further into the long months of quarantine, many of us are beginning to notice every chip in the paint, every broken tile in our homes. It’s only natural — if you’re stuck looking at something long enough, eventually you’ll want to make a change.

And for many of us, this is a good thing — a really good thing. So today we want to bring you three examples of bathroom remodels that really transformed the space. The beauty of a good remodel is that it not just puts a fresh coat of paint on, but actually changes the way we experience that room. So without further ado:

This Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Fairfax, VA
We love the way this one turned out. Our clients, busy professionals with 2 children, wanted a master bath that offered tranquility and beauty. We kept the same footprint, but completely gutted the space, which was the original bathroom from the 1980s. The soothing gray-blue tones are reflected in the furniture-style vanity, porcelain tile, and wall color. The faucets, shower set, lights, and pulls all have angular features, reflecting an upscale, modern flair.

After Years of Raising Two Sons, this Bathroom in Bristow Gets a Remodel
Here’s another great example of how families can update their bathroom to respond to the needs of family life. Years of raising two sons took a toll on our clients’ hall bath. As we discussed their goals, it was clear they wanted to achieve a neutral palette, avoid child-like designs, and install durable materials. The result is a bright space that appeals to all ages. We installed a double vanity (Medallion Cabinetry, White Icing) with a quartz top (Cambria, Berwyn), porcelain tile for the floor and shower, and brushed nickel finishes throughout.

This Clean, Sophisticated Bathroom Remodel in Fairfax Station, VA
This is one of our favorites. After many years of living with a basic, builder-grade bathroom, our client was ready for an upgrade. Her inspiration images consistently featured clean, sophisticated looks with a hint of color and a wow factor. For her new space, the “wow” is the patterned tile floor, which is inspired by artisan cement tiles. The medium-sheen glaze features a vintage floral-inspired pattern in hues of deep charcoal gray on a white background. To ensure the floor is the focal point, we chose glossy, white porcelain tile with minimal gray veining and a cool taupe-gray paint for the surrounding walls. Painted Medallion cabinetry in Islander brings in the color, and it is enhanced with the Cambria Praa Sands vanity countertop and shower seat. Chrome finishes for faucets, pulls and knobs, tile edging, and lighting complete the glamorous update.

A few takeaways from all three of these remodels: a little bit of attention to an oft-overlooked space can completely transform your experience of your home. As all of us take a closer look at what it means to nest and find coziness, this is a great time to start planning your bathroom or kitchen remodel.