There are so many things to think about before you begin your kitchen or bathroom remodel, it can be quite overwhelming. But don’t despair — you’re not alone, and there are reliable partners who can help make the process manageable.

A question we always encourage our clients to focus on from the very beginning is why. We like to say that “The Why defines your life and the place you call home.” Are you remodeling out of a sense of obligation, apprehension, excitement — maybe all three at the same time? Your why will define how, what, and when you remodel. So giving it careful thought beforehand is essential, and you’ll be amazed how much peace you’ll feel when you clarify your why and better understand the motivation and goals for your kitchen or bath remodel.

Once we establish your why for the remodel, we move into a clearly-defined process that removes the guesswork and gives you the peace of mind you crave for your project. We start with:

Information Gathering
Let’s get to know one another! We love this part of the process because it allows both the designer and the client to ask all the questions they’ve had on their minds — what’s the scope? What can we expect from this project? Let’s talk big picture and make sure this is the right fit. Whichever designer you partner with, make sure they schedule time for this crucial phase.

Site Evaluation
Let’s the designer visit the site itself to assess feasibility, initial design ideas, and existing conditions.

Design Meeting
Let the fun begin! You and the designer meet to develop preliminary plans, design scheme, and selections. Then you should schedule a time for your:

Site Assessment
We like to call this “keeping it real” because this is when the designer, production team, and tradesmen meet at your home to review scope of work, plans, and design concept. This is a key step because we need to gather all involved parties to make sure the dream can become a reality.

Remodeling Contract Preparation
Now that we’ve got the pieces in place, it’s time to write up the paperwork and make sure you have everything laid out so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Designer, production team, and tradesmen estimate a full, itemized scope of work. Whoever you choose for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, make sure this phase is carefully laid out!

Team Review
Because the contract is so important, we always “check it twice” and this stage in the process is here to make sure all parties review the contract and make sure it’s perfect. Then we’ll schedule:

The Contract Presentation
We’ll meet at your home or our showroom and present the full scope of work, your vision for the kitchen/bath remodel, and how we’re going to accomplish it.

No matter who you choose for your kitchen or bathroom remodel in Fairfax, VA or nearby, please remember the right process delivers the right results. Even if the designer you choose doesn’t use the same process to the one above, make sure they have a reliable process with proven results for their clients!