One of the things we recommend to almost everyone: do the work before you do the work! The old “measure twice, cut once” chestnut is truer than you ever knew. We work with our clients to make sure they know all the options — including the pitfalls ! — before they ever undertake their bathroom remodel in Fairfax, VA.

1. Choose appropriate surfaces.
Way more than just an aesthetic choice, the type of material will determine the ongoing beauty and longevity of your bathroom! Porcelain tile is a popular choice, and stands up well in most cases, but of course you’ll want to research the specific type of tile and be aware of possible chipping. Enamel-on-steel is a popular choice and can be a great option in some scenarios. And of course granite and quartz are making their way from the kitchen to the bathroom, and both are great options, if the price is right.

2. Invest in your shower!
Yes, the shower is worth it. As the popularity of baths steadily increases, the appeal of the shower continues to rise. Big, spacious showers now offer the same luxurious experience that once belonged to bathtubs. Think about how you’ll really be using the space, and work with a designer to pick out the perfectly-sized shower to match your space.

3. Lighting Design.
It’s important everywhere in your home, but especially so in the bathroom. Sufficient and luxurious bathroom lighting is so essential because without it the other choices you’ve made can fall completely flat. Sconces, overhead and ambient light — all should be considered carefully!

4. Don’t overcrowd your vanity, or your bathroom.
When you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Fairfax, VA area, you want to be sure you’re using every square foot effectively. That means you should also make room on your surfaces so they don’t feel too crowded. A lot of remodels focus on having that second sink, but an experienced designer can help you balance those goals with the practicality of everyday use!

5. Budget so there are no surprises.
Remember that these types of remodels can be significant. They don’t need to be complicated, but they almost always involve some kind of unexpected expense! A good designer will help you minimize these risks, but they’re almost impossible to eliminate completely. Experienced and trusted contractors will help you do significant exploratory work before a hammer is ever swung. This early investigation can reveal lots of strategic decisions — plumbing, placement, etc.

6. Pick flooring that will get more beautiful with time.
Believe it or not, it is possible to choose a bathroom floor that will get more beautiful with time, and enrich both you and your family. Find the durable and effective floorings that have been tested over time. Which leads us to:

7. Don’t forget, you’re designing your bathroom for the long-term.
What this means is that you should design a bathroom remodel that doesn’t just make you happy, but gives you joy. Joy is a deeper journey that begins with choices that can grow, change, and evolve with you and your family.