At FA Design Build we focus on the Why. Why is it important to enhance your home? Why do you want to remodel? The Why defines your life and the place you call home. We work alongside you to discover your Why.

Our approach to understanding the Why turns the traditional remodeling approach upside down. Before measuring for cabinets, selecting a countertop, or choosing a floor, we focus on you and how you feel about the prospect of remodeling. We understand those feelings range from excitement to apprehension. By working together, we take guessing out of the process and provide a seamless remodeling experience — from inspiration through installation.

Our specialty is Interior Residential Remodeling — kitchens, baths, master suites, finished basements, home offices, and more. To get started, stop by our Design Center, give us a call, or drop us an email. We look forward to meeting you!